A Twisted Turn Of Events

It’ so nice to see other chair supporters out there still going strong!

I’ve found myself becoming very frustrated by g.g.’s plot…yes I am obviously a chair fan, but comon dair fans! Are you really saying you don’t find dans behaviour strange and kind of, well, aweful?

I am not talking about the kiss, it was actually done pretty decently (remember I’m a chair fan lol) but how he came about getting that final kiss?  Not so decent. For example:

a) Blair is about to get married and dan sends ‘the video’ that ruins ANY chance of that relationship happening – and then proceeds to blame chuck…several times.

b) He then lets Serena take the fall for the video afterwards. Not a peep. And still hasn’t admitted it to Blair to this day.

c) He lies to Serena about blair being with him after blair runs from the wedding, without once informing blair…and serena has been blairs best friend since they were young kids!

d) He knows how serena, the past love of his life, feels about him and that blair is trying to set them back up…and still kisses blair in chucks bedroom…then brushes past a clearly devastated serena without a blink. Nice.

e) He has the gall to even show up at chucks penthouse to go for a dog walk with him after kissing the love of chucks life in his own bedroom.

f) He treats blair rudely when she comes to visit him after a week of neither of them even talking to each other, then tells her that they can’t be friends anymore because HE wants more.  Again, nice.

*SIDE NOTE* (I love how he forgets about her keeper, dowry and the repercussions to her family if anything happens…and remember this was done before they even had any inkling anything could be done about the marriage…he threatened their friendship, gave her an ultimatum… and all the while chuck has promised to continue to wait for her and has done so over the past year)

g) He shows up at the hospital, kisses blair and walks away…all the while in front of serena, and without acknowledging her once.

f) While kissing blair and ignoring serena, he also proceeds to walk away from a dying CeeCee, whom he knows and has come to respect…and again he just leaves his love-lorn first love, whose grandmother is dying in that hospital, without even once looking in her direction!!!! (:O)

*keep in mind that all of this tacky and plainly unrecognizable behaviour has happened in the past 6 episodes only! *

Wow…just wow.

And I know any dair fan that happens to read this will immediately bring up chucks  many dastardly deeds , committed years ago …remember, blair and anyone else involved in those deeds has since forgiven  him.  And he has matured the most since then (brief slip recently that he quickly corrected because he loves blair – again remember, dan hasn’t even  tried to be honest about the video he sent in at her wedding, VERY PUBLICALLY AND WITHOUT ANY RESPECT)

Also, I understand people will refute my claim that chuck has kept his promise to wait for blair, but he hasn’t…he’s being an average 20 year old man, who saw a chance to enjoy himself while doing what chuck does best…scheming. Remember, blair was pregnant at one point with another mans baby, while chuck was waiting, and ended up marrying said man even after choosing chuck  (who she loves more and more everyday apparently?).. And is now kissing dan while telling chuck to wait for her even longer …phew jeez wow eww — (I honestly don’t understand how she could even ask that, while planning on exploring her ‘feelings’ with dan – how selfish and aweful has she become?!? )

So in conclusion …wow. I just don’t get it. What are your thoughts on the matter???

By chuck2blair